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mina miinx33

tried to generate a code, it just show eggs.

Encountercode on and this

[Encounter Vivillon – Pokeball Lv 10]

08000000 03213E9C 00000000 00000013

08000000 03213EA4 0000000A 00000001

04000000 00CB9B1C 3940E3E1

04000000 00CB98C4 D63F0100

04000000 00CBA0A8 94001EBF

04000000 00CB96D0 EB08011F

04000000 00CBA108 71000C1F

04000000 00CB9F98 D503201F

04000000 00CB9B04 794077E1

04000000 00CB9B10 79407BE1

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