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    In this post I’ll go over how to install CFW (Custom Firmware) on your switch.

    You will need a modded switch to do this Check if your switch can be modded here:

    Things you will need to get started

    RCM Jig $10:

    SD Card $10:

    Micro SD to USB $8.99 (Only if your laptop/computer can’t read a micro SD):

    Installing CFW
    Download custom firmware:

    Extract this file to your Desktop. Your Desktop will now have a payloads folder and an sd folder on it.

    Go to Step 2.

    Format your Micro SD card to FAT32 using this free program:
    Insert your MicroSD card in your computer, open the .exe program above, select the MicroSD card from the drop down, select max allocation size, and quick format > Start. Once formatted, copy the contents of the SD Folder from step 1 onto your SD card. So now your SD card will look like this: atmosphere folder, bootloader folder, config folder, switch folder, hbmenu.nro.

    Download TegraRcmGUI from here:

    Download and install TegraRcmGUI_v2.6_Installer.msi Open TegraRCM > Click the folder icon > Find your payloads folder on your desktop from Step 1. Click on hekate_ctcaer_5.9.0.bin payload.

    Grab your switch. Plug your switch into your computer. Turn your switch off. Pull off the right joycon. Insert the RCM Jig, and press the volume up button and the power button to set your switch to RCM mode. The Jig slides all the way to the bottom of the rail where the right joycon goes.

    On your TegraRCM program, it should now be detecting your switch is in RCM mode and turn from red to orange. Click Inject Payload.

    Your switch should now turn on and boot to the bootloader screen. From here you will adjust your date and time and then just click Launch and then click the sysCFW or AtmosphereCFW option to boot into your custom firmware switch.

    Congrats, you now have a modded switch!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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