This tutorial is for people that already are familiar with a CFW Switch (Custom Firmware). Items you need to download

  1. PKHeX:
  2. Sysbot:

Click the green check mark next to zyro670 Misc fixes to various files… Click Details > Click the Link that has 0 errors / 68 warnings (Could be different when you view it) Under “related” click on 1 published. Click on Sysbotx64 and to the right you will see 3 dots. Click it > Download Artifacts. 2b. Sysbot Base – This needs to go into the root of your SD Card.

  3. ALM Plugin for PKHeX:

A. Download and execute almsetup_stable.exe


B: Download the file and upload AutoModPlugins.dll and QRPlugins.dll to a new folder called “Plugins” that is in the same folder as PKHeX.

Extract RaidCrawler, and RaidCalc into a Folder on your desktop, preferably together.

Setting up your bot for Discord

Go to the Discord Developer Portal and make a new bot; Click New Application > Name it and agree to terms. Click Create. Go to Bot > Add Bot. Public Bot > Disable. Scroll down to Privileged Gateway Intents. Make sure all 3 are enabled. PRESENCE INTENT, SERVER MEMBERS INTENT, and MESSAGE CONTENT INTENT. Under text permissions check: Send Messages, Manage Messages, Embed Links, Attach Files and Read Message History. Save Changes. Scroll back to top, and click on reset token. Grab and copy your token. Save this token somewhere safe because you will need it again in the future. This token will be going into our Discord Settings in our Sysbot. Next, go to Oauth2 above Bot in your Discord Developer Portal. Click URL Generator. Under Scopes, check bot. Scroll to the bottom and copy that URL. Paste that into your browser and add the bot to your server. Setting up our sysbot: Open sysbot.exe in your Sysbotx64 folder.

Once the program opens, click the HUB tab. Go to the bottom and find Integration > Discord. Expand it. Click in the empty box next to Token and paste in the token you copied earlier in your bot set up. Under RoleSudo > List, go in and add your role that can run commands for the bot. (There is a button to the far right when you click in the box next to it. Click that) You will need to add your role ID and the name of the role. To get the role ID in discord, you must enable developer options. User settings > Advanced > Enable Developer Mode. Go to the Roles you want to be able to run commands for the but such as $resv to start the raid embeds and add those roles in. Go to Server Settings > Roles > Find your Role > Click More > Copy ID.

Whitelist the channel you want the bot in. Expand ChannelWhitelist > List > Click the button to the right and add in your channel and channel ID. (Right click on channel and Copy ID) Now your bot is set up for Discord.

Sysbot Raid Settings

Go to BotEncounter and Expand RaidSV.

Raid Embed Title: Change it to the title of your embed for your channel. Example: 5IV Shiny Tinkaton Raid! Raid Embed Description Do something like

*Sour Herba Mystica* x 1 
*Ability Patch* x 1 

Tera Type: Ground
Ability: Pickpocket
Moves: Gigaton Hammer, Play Rough, Knockoff, Thunder Wave
IVs: 10Hp / 31Atk / 31Def / 31Spd / 31Spa / 31Spd

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Change to the pokemon you are raiding against. If empty, it will show an egg in your channel embeds.

CatchLimit Set to how many times you want a user to play and win against the raid before not being able to. Loses do not count. Set to 0 for unlimited.
TimetoWait Set to 170 to wait the full count down before starting the raid. Close out to save your settings and re-open sysbot.exe
Add your switch to sysbot Now on the sysbot.exe Bots tab, enter your Switches IP Address. Get it by going to your switch, go to settings, internet and your IP will be displayed. Make sure your switch and computer running sysbot are on the same network. Your IP will be something like or something similar. Enter your IP in and leave the port to 6000 > Wifi > Raidbot. Click Add. Do not start the bot yet. Let’s continue.
Setting up your raid.
Step 1: Open RaidCalc
Open RaidCalc that you downloaded. There are a lot of settings you can play around with here, but I’m only going to fastforward to 6 star raids with different drop items and how to find a seed. So click on Min item sums and set it to 5. (Or how ever many of the certain item(s) you want dropped. 5 is a good number. Check Activate Filters Click on Edit Filters button. Check the items you are interested in. Example, click all Herba Mysticas. Click the X at the top when you’re done. Click Find Seeds This process can take a while and may bog your computer down if you don’t have a lot of RAM. Be patient. All of the pokemon with those drops will now be displayed to you. Double click on the line to open up the drops to view the drops, tera type, move set, etc. of the tera raid pokemon. Once you are satisfied with your choice, copy the seed. The seed looks something like this: 000001CA Close out of RaidCalc.
Step 2: Open RaidCrawler
RaidCrawler has a ton of files in the folder. Find the Raidcrawler.exe in the folder and open it. Have your Switch on and in online mode.
Enter your Switches IP address again into RaidCrawler.
Press “Connect” on RaidCrawler so it can connect to your Switch. Find a 6 star raid in the list of raids available on your game. You are going to be manipulating this data in a minute. Take note of the Seed. You will need it for PKHeX in the next steps. Note you cannot turn a 3 star raid into a 6. You must have 6 star raids unlocked on the game your bot is on. If you have not completed the game and unlocked the 6 star raids, this won’t work. Once you find a 6 star raid, click on Open Map. This will show you where the raid is located. Go to it now on your game. Stand in front of it.
Step 3: Open PKHeX
Open PKHeX and go to Tools > Auto Legality Mod > Open LiveHex. Enter the IP of your Switch again here. At the bottom, under Block Editor > Block Drop down > Choose Raid.
Click Edit Block. At the top you will see a Raid Drop Down box with all the raids currently in the game. Find the raid you found in RaidCrawler and make sure the seeds are the same.
IsEnabled: True Unused: 0 Seed: 000001CA <– Change the seed of the current raid to the Seed you copied in RaidCalc.
Click Save.
Step 4: Start the Raid
Save the Game and Close out Completely. Re-Open the game and check the tera den you are standing in front of. It should now be the pokemon you chose in RaidCalc. If it’s not, go back and re-do steps 1-3.
Step 5: Start the Discord Bot
Before starting your bot, make sure you have a good pokemon to battle the tera raid with in slot 1. The bot only uses the first move, so make sure it’s something that will help people beat the raid. Go back to SysBot.exe and Start your Bot.
Go to your Discord Channel your bot is in and run the command $resv and that will start your terra raid embeds.
Your bot should now be automatically starting the online raid and then in your Discord server it will send the data there.
That’s it! Enjoy!
Some Tips and Tricks I’ve learned along the way:
1. Be sure to turn the Nickname setting “OFF” in your Scarlet/Violet settings. Because if the bot accidentally catches one of the raid mons, it will try to nickname it for you and then you’ll be stuck until you turn the bot off and back on.
2. If the time changes in your game and you decide to use another seed for the new day, you will need to close out of the sysbot program and re-open it for the new “today seed” to work right.
3. Before you start the bot, make sure you are standing in front of the raid den, save the game, and connect to the internet. Also put whatever pokemon you want to participate in the raid in slot 1. Then you can start the bot. If you start the bot without connecting to the internet first, it will just keep squating. 4. You can change literally any Raid den you are standing in front of by going to PKHeX > Auto Legality Mod > LiveHex > Block Editor > and change the drop down to Raids. Then change the “content” to Black 6 for 6* raid seeds and Base5 for 5* raids, etc.

How to fix error code: 2155-8007 when connecting online in SysCFW

This is happening because you followed a guide that told you to block online access on SysCFW. The guide you should be following is

1. Navigate to /atmosphere/hosts/ and look for the files named default.txt or emummc.txt. default.txt blocks connections for both SysCFW and EmuNAND. emummc.txt blocks connections for EmuNAND only.

2. Remove the default.txt to enable connections on SysCFW. You do not need an EmuNAND, but if you have one, you should leave connections blocked.

You should NOT go online on EmuNAND in any case. Do not unblock EmuNAND and then go online because this can cause mismatched logs and get your Switch banned.

But won’t I be banned if I go online on SysCFW? Not if you own legitimate games and are only doing simple things like save editing. Read the other pins in this channel for more information about ban risks.


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