Before you get started

You must have a modded switch with Custom Firmware on it. See for info.

Setting up your bot for Discord

Go to the Discord Developer Portal and make a new bot; Click New Application > Name it and agree to terms. Click Create. Go to Bot > Add Bot. Public Bot > Disable. Scroll down to Privileged Gateway Intents. Make sure all 3 are enabled. PRESENCE INTENT, SERVER MEMBERS INTENT, and MESSAGE CONTENT INTENT. Under text permissions check: Send Messages, Manage Messages, Embed Links, Attach Files and Read Message History. Save Changes. Scroll back to top, and click on reset token. Grab and copy your token. Save this token somewhere safe because you will need it again in the future. This token will be going into our Discord Settings in our Sysbot. Next, go to Oauth2 above Bot in your Discord Developer Portal. Click URL Generator. Under Scopes, check bot. Scroll to the bottom and copy that URL. Paste that into your browser and add the bot to your server.

Downloading & Installing Sysbot Base for your Switch

  1. Go to and download the latest .zip file.

Extract the atmosphere file on your desktop. Put your SD card into the reader on your computer. Drag and drop the atmosphere folder on your desktop to the SD card. Eject SD card and put back into your switch. Put your switch into RCM mode by sliding your RCM jig into your right joycon rail and pressing volume + and power button, and inject your payload to boot your switch. Boot into cfw sysnand.

Downloading and Installing Sysbot Computer Program

  1. Go to and download the file. Extract to your desktop.

Open sysbot.exe Now that you have the program opened, you will need to configure your settings. First put in your switches IP address. You can get your switches IP address by going to system settings > internet > IP address. Leave the port at 6000, Leave it on WiFi and set the trade mode to FlexTrade

  1. Click the Hub tab. Go to the BotTrade section and expand the trade section.

Most of these settings can remain the same, and if you want to learn more about these settings, go to the official wiki I post at the end. TradeWaitTime set to 45 or 50. This will give members more time to put in the code before the bot decides to quit the trade because it can’t find trainer.

  1. In the Hub tab, scroll down and find Anti Idle set to true.
  1. In the Hub tab, scroll down and find Discord and expand the settings.

Token put in your bots token you copied from step 1.

Command Prefix default command is $ to make your command $trade. But you can change it to whatever you want. Role Can Trade Put in the roles name and role ID you want to be allowed to use your bot and trade commands.

RoleSudo Put in your ID so that you are admin over the bot and can use admin commands. Click on List and click the … box next to (collection) to add. ChannelWhitelist Put in the channel ID in which you want the bot to listen to commands in. Or when you have the bot installed on discord go to your channel and type $addchannel. LoggingChannels Put in the channel ID where you want to log all trading events.

TradeStartingChannels Put in the channel ID where you want to log trade starting output. Normally this is the same channel ID as LoggingChannels

  1. In the Hub tab, scroll down and find Legality settings and expand.

Follow all the steps on the Wiki page here:

  1. Once you have all the settings complete, your switch is booted into cfw sysnand, you can click the Start All button on your sysbot.exe program. It should light up green.


How to fix error code: 2155-8007 when connecting online in SysCFW

This is happening because you followed a guide that told you to block online access on SysCFW. The guide you should be following is

1. Navigate to /atmosphere/hosts/ and look for the files named default.txt or emummc.txt. default.txt blocks connections for both SysCFW and EmuNAND. emummc.txt blocks connections for EmuNAND only.

2. Remove the default.txt to enable connections on SysCFW. You do not need an EmuNAND, but if you have one, you should leave connections blocked.

You should NOT go online on EmuNAND in any case.

Do not unblock EmuNAND and then go online because this can cause mismatched logs and get your Switch banned.

But won’t I be banned if I go online on SysCFW? Not if you own legitimate games and are only doing simple things like save editing.


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