What is a trade bot?

Trade bots allow you to use a command to trade any pokemon you would like across several games.  It’s just like trading a person in game, except you get to pick every attribute and customize the pokemon yourself that you want traded.

Is it free?

Yes, trading with our trade bots are free.  Some people paywall them.

Where can I find the trade bots?

Go to our discord server.  https://discord.gg/mewtwoscloning and look for the trade bots for the specific game you are playing.

How do I trade with the bots?

To start trading, you first need to familiarize yourself with Pokemon Showdown.  Showdown is used by the bots to configure your trade.

Go to play.pokemonshowdown.com and go to the Team Builder.  Click on to begin.

Click on the format you want.  Choose the game you are playing [Gen 9 for Sc/Vi] and anything goes.

Then click Add Pokemon.

Choose the Pokemon you want to trade and click on it from the list.

Configure everything to your liking.  Once done, click on the Import/Export link.

Copy the text in the textbox.

Now let’s go to the Discord server and start our trade.

Find the bot you want to use and type $trade and then paste your copied text.

Press enter to submit your text into the chat.  The bot will then DM you a trade code.

This is the process:


Once you get your trade code, go to your switch and go to Link Trade.  Make sure you’re online!

The Bot will then send you another DM when your trade is ready.

Wait until it says “I’m Waiting for you!” before you press search!


Your trade will now start!

Easy, right?!


Alternatively you can also copy a pokemon from my Pokepaste instead of using Showdown and edit your own attributes here.


Ready to start your journey?

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