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Welcome to our site. We offer genning bots on our discord that allow you to trade any pokemon you want for free. You simply type $trade followed by a Showdown set, and the bot will DM you a trade code. Note: Our bots only trade legal pokemon. If you want illegal pokemon, we offer hacks too. Cheats/Hacks for Scarlet/Violet can be found in our Forums. This requires a CFW hacked switch, whereas our trade bots do not. We offer the best of both worlds!

If you’re here for trade bots, go to our discord now! https://discord.gg/mewtwoscloning
If you’re here for Scarlet/Violet Cheats for v1.2.0 check out our Forums in the top menu!



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OS 16 CFW for Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Hacks

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Arceus replied
36 minutes ago
The recommended options for playing Scarlet/Viole…
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