Trade Bot Set up

Before you get started You must have a modded switch with Custom Firmware on it. See for info. Setting up your bot for Discord Go to the Discord Developer Portal and make a new bot; Click New Application > Name it and agree to terms. Click Create. Go...

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Raid Bot Set up

This tutorial is for people that already are familiar with a CFW Switch (Custom Firmware). Items you need to download PKHeX: Sysbot: Click the green check mark next to zyro670 Misc fixes to various files... Click Details > Click the Link that has 0 errors / 68 warnings...

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Updating The Bots

If you have a trade bot and are wanting to update the main files that produce legal pokemon that are newly released (Charizard, Cinderace) you need to download 2 files and replace them in your Sysbot folder You only need pkhex.core.dll from the download. Send that to your sysbot...

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If there is nothing in a chest, the chest doesn’t mean anything

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