Using our Trade Bots

What is a trade bot? Trade bots allow you to use a command to trade any pokemon you would like across several games.  It's just like trading a person in game, except you get to pick every attribute and customize the pokemon yourself that you want traded. Is it free?...

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To make any of the traded pokemon look like yours, you may assign OT, TID, and SID to each Pokemon you trade.  That way it looks like you caught it yourself instead of traded it. HOW TO OBTAIN YOUR TID/SID 1) Type "$dump" into one of the bots. 2) Wait...

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Batch Commands

Below you will learn how to use batch commands, a way to customize your Showdown format Pokemon. Use the following commands below, and make sure the commands go above the moves in your template.  Here is an example: Slowbro (M) @ Leftovers OT: YourNameHere TID: 125123 SID: 2133 OTGender: Male...

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